Client: King Ursa

Every year Shopify broadcasts a global conference celebrating key achievements for their 100 year mission to let entrepreneurs and their small businesses unleash their ideas into the world. King Ursa Agency was tasked to take the audience on a global journey that celebrates the hard work and achievements of entrepreneurs through high end visuals, elevated motion graphics, and statistics that speak to the interconnectivity of entrepreneurs around the globe. 
I had the pleasure of creating the lead VFX for the spots hero visuals as well as several pieces of motion design.





Client: Shopify
Agency: King Ursa
Creative: Shopify Studios
Design Director: Danilo Silveira
VFX: Andrew Penchuk
Motion Design : Andrew Penchuk, Miguel Natividad
3D Artist: Danilo Silveira, Vitor Mancini, Andrew Penchuk, Megan Kanyo

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